Running Free

Running Free

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Twas the Night...

'Twas the night before election and all through the city
were mumblings and grumblings - some actually quite witty
“I don’t like her teeth”
“I don’t like his smile”

Nothing was sacred, all was up for debate.
Hair color, skin tone, a candidate’s weight…
And on they did ramble and on they did grouse
Alto and Soprano - more lion than mouse.

From every nook and every cranny
The folks they did come
An untapped potential, a candidate uncanny
They came short, and tall
They came one and all…

The eve of the day when a new chief would be named
With a new set of shoes to be polished and blamed:

For the world as it was, for the world as it should be
For the things they would and would not do
It was the time to pass the torch from zero to one to two...

And from my perch high in the window I watched the sight unfold
As the muted and the silent came face to face with the bold:

There was Palin and McCain and Biden and Obama
There was donkey and elephant and even a llama
But wait who is this? Nader and Gonzalez
Barr and Root…

Has my brain gone soft have I somehow gone moot
As in moot for a point whose sharp tip I can taste
Here’s McKinney and Clemente and Keyes and Drake
Think quickly, make haste…

Peace and Freedom ring in my ear
Green, Independent, Libertarian - now I can hear
The hope that maybe just maybe
Ezekiel and Jonas have nothing on me
And this graveyard of politics someday find the key
To set us free…


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