Running Free

Running Free

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the thought that counts

It’s the thought that counts…Or that’s what we are taught as youngsters - to say thank you and please; be polite and do kind deeds for others.

Remember birthdays with a card or in these days, even an electronic email or text message. When someone is ill or under the weather, let him or her know you are wishing them good wishes. It is the thought that counts.

So we are taught, and so we would like to believe.

These thoughts were running through my head as I made a list of the upcoming birthdays in November and December: twelve. So I am not sure where exactly my thoughts were when I unlocked my car door the other morning after a quick cup of coffee at a local Peet’s. As I tossed my purse onto the passenger seat and sat down in the driver’s side the reality that I had forgotten my sister’s birthday echoed loudly in my ears: “Don’t forget L’s birthday!” (Make that thirteen birthdays in November and December.)

Sitting in the driver’s seat looking out the front window I noticed it was covered in what looked like honey colored glue – sap - a bit strange given that the car wasn’t parked under a tree. It wasn’t even parked under a lamp from which a rogue crow could drop his bombs. Bits of yellowish goop in the oddest shapes, one looked like a candy corn, another like a pee-tinged boot in miniature. I didn’t remember my windshield being so dirty.

As I stared out the filmy window I glanced over where my purse was lying on the seat and wondered what had happened to my car seats, which were leather- albeit a tad bit worn, but leather - at least the last time I had looked which had been a mere thirty minutes ago. These were a beige fabric of some kind. Definitely not my familiar leather seats, milk stains and all.

Then it hit me, as in really hit me. My head started pounding and my stomach started a topsy turvy “uh-oh” dance. I realized that I was sitting in the wrong car. I grabbed my purse and keys which were still in my hand and scooted out of that car as fast as I could. I used my remote keyless entry button to try and locate where my car was since this car wasn’t it.

“Beep Beep.” There it was. The familiar sound.

Two cars down – there was my trusty jalopy which from the outside looked like the one I had just exited. Had I looked closely though I would have noticed my car had a slightly dented front door from a too friendly shopping cart.

I digress. I was discussing the importance of good thoughts and kind wishes.

Which brings me back to the point at hand.

In my attempts to be thoughtful and remember birthdays and other events, I am prone to a state of multitasking madness. Recently, for the above mentioned sister who shall not be named, I did manage to get her a card and a Starbuck’s gift card. I did indeed manage to get the card in the mail and delivered to her on time. She of course emailed me to thank me for the kind thoughts and the empty Starbuck’s envelope. This message was delivered via text with a frowny text face that looked something like this: -(

In my haste to make the post I neglected to actually put the Starbuck’s card inside its respective envelope. Sigh…my heart is in the right place. It’s just these bits of grey matter that sometimes get tied up in knots of the most horrific proportion and well…

Another time I was trying to send a birthday card to my DH’s (Dear Husband for those of you just joining) younger brother. I had bought him a hand-made chocolate bar that read Happy Birthday. I had planned to mail this along with an actual card. At the same time I needed to send a Get Well card to a friend of the family’s who had been in a bad car accident.

I had bought her a chocolate Get Well bar and again with nothing but best intentions did the unimaginable. You can guess what happened.

The birthday boy got the Get Well chocolate and the under the weather gal got the Happy Birthday chocolate.

Of course my DH's mother was kind enough to let me know of my unfortunate mishap. I ended having to send apology cards to both folks for my mistake. At least each of them got chocolate – at the end of the day- who cares what it says- at least that is what I am told by those I know who are chocolate aficionados (of which I am not.)

Now that I think about it, I better make sure that congratulations note I planned to send to a local city official on winning re-election didn’t actually receive the condolences card intended for my work colleague….where did I put that envelope.

After all…it is the thought that counts.


Andrea said...

Oh, Camerone, this is priceless--

The whole while I kept thinking 'glad I'm not the only one who does this stuff!'

And hey, I would have been happy with chocolate too, no matter WHAT was written on it. Oh, yeah, and MY birthday is in January--feel free to send chocolate...HA.

camerone said...

good to know Jan. is a light bday month Andrea!

thanks for the comments