Running Free

Running Free

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did You Know...

It is that time of year, when sugar plum fairies start dancing way too early, Jack O’Lanterns go bye bye and too many poor turkeys are given last rites. The post box is stuffed with a myriad of glossy papers all designed to seduce and wrangle hard earned dollars from tight fisted old ladies like me. And given the economic free for all that Wall Street had with what pennies were once in the stock market, well, let us just say that catalogue reading is truly an experience not to be missed. And it can be very entertaining. So sit back, grab a cup of tea or lemon spritzer and enjoy, enjoy…and keep your hand firmly on your wallet…

(As taken from the holiday catalogues gorging themselves inside my post box…)

Did you know…

…Personal Luxury has finally reached its peak?
Centrally located, just steps from the Eagle Bahn Gondola, the Arabell at Vail Square takes luxury to a whole new level…to its butler service, ski nannies and ski valets. (I have heard of ski bunnies, but ski nannies is a new one on me…)

… that you can discover the magic of the vines. The ultimate pairing of luxury and science in skincare. (The almighty vines – so much for the grapes of wrath…)
…Introducing le coffret d’initiation allows you to experience the powers…for the first time…(imagine that…)

…Regent luxury has arrived in style…in a place where timeless memories and contemporary indulgences are part of every day, the idea of luxury is only the beginning, at the Regent Bal Harbor Resort the pinnacle of contemporary indulgences has been reached…(and here I was thinking a cup of hot coffee was my decadence…)

…Any television can change channels. This one completely changes television…(I had no idea!)

…Now you can experience the future…Cellular cream platinum rare precious skincare for the precious few (what about the rest of us plebeians- guess we will have to settle for a few parchment lines and hope for the best…)

…at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains the transformation begins (to what? A toad? A princess…curious plebian minds want to know…)

…that nothing comes between you and the ocean but the 16th fairway (I read that as freeway and was a bit concerned…)

The privilege of privacy has found a home along the glorious white sands of Maui’s south shore…(and here I thought privacy was a part of the bill of rights – silly me!)

…that after seven years of research Guerlain unraveled the enigma of the extraordinary longevity of the orchid to create the imperial orchid molecular extract…and now we can discover the “world’s most exclusive secret” (sheesh, to think I have been in the dark all these years…)

Three things Elizabeth Locke cannot live without: “Red lipstick, my cabochon emerald ring, and my laptop.” (And here I am happy with a tissue, a lip gloss and a stick of gum…)

The following adjectives were pulled from the pages of thebook. We will leave it at that.

You open thebook and on one page are the words: in red 18 point font (I am guessing it Times New Roman but this is only a guess):

SO radiant!
SO natural!
SO brilliant!
SO handsome!
SO timely!
SO perfect!
SO bold!
SO dramatic!
So chic!
SO memorable!

I am often perplexed by how these drop dead gorgeous models look to be in sheer agony as they stare at the reader with droopy lids a pouty mouth and a handful of jewels or purses or shoes or clothes draped on and over. I know that if I ever had that much bling etc. in my vicinity I would be grinning from ear to ear, left to right, top to bottom…

Time to go check to see what treats the post person brought me today…

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