Running Free

Running Free

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Jehosophat

I have discovered heaven in a cup. It is the simplest thing but it works - for me…sweet Jehosophat found in liquid form. Albeit the Syrians may prefer another beverage given the long standing feud from the 4th king of Judah and his buddy Ahab. But I digress….

I am not talking about oil or liquid gold but a good ol’cup of coffee – made to my liking without my having to do much other than place my order and say “please" and pay– but peanut shells instead of walnuts….

I enjoy a good cup of coffee but have gotten tired of waiting in line, paying exorbitant amounts for something with a fancy name that is little more than cream, sugar, and flavoring. And most of the coffee shops – if one can actually refer to them as that- are little more than multi syllabic money pits with the stench of burnt beans often emanating from a back room someplace. And for this privilege along with a surly server and a $3.00 out of pocket experience, I am handed my cup of Java. Actually it is left unceremoniously on a counter top and I am called to some can pick up my order. Brisky beverage - California style.

Given the state of the economy and the lack of additional resources to support my addiction I have begun to reach into the bowels of my wallet for spare change to try and get the extra mile out of the morning java. With my renewed economic frugality I had found that I can get a customized cup of very good coffee without even leaving my car. Of course I wish I could say without leaving my house, but I can tell you horror stories of my attempts to brew a pot of coffee…The results are not so good usually.

But I can say that I give two thumbs up to the coffee that is customized to my liking: two creamers and one sugar- by none other than McDonald’s. Yes indeed, I can drive through our newly opened neighborhood fast food McDonald’s blended in stone work designed to evoke a Tuscan setting and have my morning coffee hot and happy.

I stumbled upon this newest neighbor while filling up my car with gas at the building next door – which is when I looked up and noticed a little window with a head poking out. It was a cashier window and there was a car there delivering money. Because of the masked architecture one would think it was more a shop or some high end restaurant. There is an golden arch “M” on the building but it is small – compared to most other McDonald's’’- and it is on the side of the building- and while it is yellow it is sitting quietly near the rooftop under the eaves of the brick building where it can easily be missed.

The god of the sky Jupiter and his son Apollo are looking out for me on this balmy January morning in southern California as I sip my cup of coffee – knowing that I have enough change left to buy another tomorrow….

If only the rest of the world could find such contentment with a simple cup of coffee....

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