Running Free

Running Free

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patchwork Quilt

Today, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - the fist uncurled, the hand frozen shut opened - extended its fingers across the lines of color and religion and economy and reached out, grasping other hands, other souls eager to once again reclaim America as the United States of America.

The patchwork quilt has added another fabric square– one that will bind together so many unraveling pieces of this glorious blanket we call home. Our patchwork quilt is made up of so many bits of fabric scraps – each with its own story, its own history. Stitched together these bits of fabric have come to represent the blanket of America.

It is a blanket that has kept us safe and warm. It has, unfortunately fallen prey to the whims of time and Nature.

But now, a new tailor has come into town. He brings with him needle and thread stronger and more resilient. He brings with him not just a cadre of seamstresses and tailors, but cobblers and plumbers and many other artisans who can not only shore up this beautiful mosaic of color and creed, but shore up the crumbling walls; reinforce the tired buildings and once more shine the dome of pride that made this country the land of the free and the proud.

It is a new day- a glorious and historical day where color does not matter; where religion and sexual preference do not matter; where it is the integrity and the meter of one’s soul that is the only sure thing.

Today, the fist of rage was uncurled for the first time in many years. And today, with the extended hand along with a needle and thread, we as apprentices in this new time will do just that- take responsibility for ourselves, we will learn to sew and reinforce the fabric of our patchwork quilt. We will extend a hand to our brothers and sisters- a hand up – not a hand out. Together, we will all rejoice and take cover in our warm and soft blanket.

Together. We will stitch a new patch on our quilt and it will be beautiful. Because we will have all worked on it together – as a team – as human beings. As individuals with hope for today and a vision for tomorrow.

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