Running Free

Running Free

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Knock Knock It's the Plumber

The plumber came for a visit yesterday. Not a friendly” how are ya, come in and have a cup of coffee” visit. More like a “Please help fix my clogged drain as quickly as possible. There is water backing up in the shower” kind of visit.

And how I wish we had a plumber in the family. I mean, part of me thinks that if I can get over my fear of slime that I just might take up the cause of learning about pipes and drains and bits and pieces going here and there.

Maybe. I mean, I could probably wear gloves and a mask. And well, it would save a lot of money not having to hire a plumber to come and declog drains.

And this drain was indeed unable to drain. He had to use this long hose-like device that coiled around and around on one of these portable rollaway scooters. And stuck to the end of it was what I thought appeared at first to be a shrunken head.

Actually it turned out to just be a clump of hair. My hair to be exact.

And that is when the visit turned nasty as in three feet of mucky yucky goop covered hair nasty. My hair – all mine lay in a forlorn heap inside the shower stall. The plumber frankly was surprised to learn I was able to shed so much hair in six months. Looking at my head of grey but still full hair one would never think me the culprit.

And since it was mostly darker in color there was no way to pin the blame on DH for this escapade.

And so the $225 visit from the plumber to declog our master bath shower and my sink (which was still usable BTW) was a much needed visit from a very nice and courteous young man whose services I would highly recommend- but as I mentioned, there is a great deal of money to be made from anyone willing to pull off the gloves and get a bit, um dirty.

And come to think about it, much of my daily job involves pulling off the gloves in terms of cleaning toilets, sorting out the bales of laundry from an active sweaty ten year old, vacuuming into the farthest crevices of mankind to seek out new and unexplored dust bunnies of various shapes, sizes and colors.

I wonder if UCLA by chance offers online extension courses in plumbing 101.

I have a few spare hours…

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